Monday, February 06, 2006

All a Matter of Perspective

When we have shared with friends and others the cost of building a new monastery, something we dearly need to do in the next few years, jaws often drop at the amount of money it will take.

Budweiser spent far more money than that in one three-hour period last night during the Super Bowl.

One wonders at what point we stop using money to make more money and learn to invest it in cultural treasures that will nourish those who will come after us.

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Scott said...

Dear Prior Peter:

You're right about monetary priorities. I hadn't heard about plans to build a new monastery, as the community's Web site has news that was last updated in early October 2005. Where would it be? On the same site, or elsewhere? Exciting to hear about it...I look forward to the new Web site possibly having information about it. I check every day for that.


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