Monday, September 12, 2005

On Creation and Redemption

"[in] the Cross and death of Christ...the God of creation is revealed as the God of redemption."
--Pope John Paul II
Redemptor Hominis, 9.2

There is a contention within the Bible (cf. Romans 2) and in the Church that lasts well into late Scholasticism, that God's existence can be known from inspecting creation. What is not claimed is that God's character can be known in the same way. Rather, God the Redeemer is known through His intervention in history with His people Israel and then definitively in His Son, Jesus Christ. That is, He reveals Himself to be Love.

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JODSTER said...

I was just reading Jonah last night, and I enjoy the thought of how God preserved Jonah, even in his disobedience.

It just goes to show that God's way is the only way, even if we try to deny it.


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